Tillamook to Oceanside Transmission Line Project

Tillamook PUD is committed to providing reliable, safe and cost-effective energy to our customers and to strengthening the overall reliability, security and operating flexibility of our electric power system.

To accomplish these important objectives, Tillamook PUD identified the need for and proposed a new overhead 115 kV transmission line to connect the existing BPA substation in Tillamook to a new substation to be built near Oceanside.

When complete, the project will maximize reliability to homes and businesses located in the central Tillamook valley, create a more reliable electricity source to the communities of Netarts and Oceanside, and allow us to replace aging infrastructure without multiple extensive outages.

Information Sheets

An initial corridor was proposed in 2007 and numerous routes and route segments within that corridor were evaluated.  Meetings with both individuals and the public were held during 2011, 2012 and early 2013.  Line adjustments were made to accommodate stakeholder requests and the Front Street Route was identified as a preferred route.  Tillamook PUD proposed the Front Street segment that would run 1.1 miles through the City of Tillamook; however, the project as proposed was stalled in 2014 due to land-use zoning issues. Click here for a condensed timeline of the events surrounding the conditional use permit application.

In July 2014, the PUD Board of Directors and the Tillamook City Council held a joint workshop to share information about the transmission line project and the City’s vision for downtown revitalization. Landowners and other stakeholders provided comments. Joint Workshop Meeting Summary

Tillamook to Oceanside Transmission Line Siting – Citizen Advisory Group

A Citizen Advisory Group (CAG) was formed in early 2015 to participate in the Tillamook to Oceanside Transmission Line (TOTL) Siting process. This stakeholder group represented a cross section of community interests including local government, landowner, agriculture, business, non-governmental organizations and citizens-at-large. Proposed Process Design Document

A series of CAG meetings and two project open houses were held during the first half of 2015.  All CAG meetings were open to the public and facilitated by Deb Nudelman, Kearns & West.

Citizen Advisory Group

Tillamook PUD staff and contractors are currently studying potential preferred route segments supported by the CAG to better understand conditions along these segments to help in project siting, design and engineering.  We will continue to collaborate with landowners, regulatory and permitting agencies, and the public to address concerns and resolve zoning issues.

In siting the line, our goals remain to minimize impacts to affected landowners and other stakeholders and manage associated costs to keep electricity prices affordable for all customers.

Open House – May 25, 2016

Public Workshops – October, 2016

Board Approved Preferred Tillamook to Oceanside Transmission Line Route Map
Board Approved Preferred Tillamook to Oceanside Transmission Line Route Map


Project Update – May 2017

The District is working on the County permit process and will submit permit applications in July 2017. The cultural and biological studies associated with the permitting process have been conducted, but will likely require some follow-up later in the year. 


More Background Material – Pre 2013 Information and Maps