Tillamook PUD Board Awards 2019 Community Support Grants

Posted: March 28, 2019 at 7:00 am

Earlier this month, the Tillamook PUD Board of Directors selected 13 non-profit organizations from around Tillamook County to receive funding from the 2019 Tillamook PUD Community Support Grant program.

Each year, the Board of Directors budget funds to go towards the Community Support Grant program. This year, a total of 28 grant applications were submitted, the most received since 2012. This made the selection decision challenging once again for the Board this year, as there were many important community projects presented.

Organizations receiving 2019 Community Support Grant funds for their community projects are:

  • Emergency Volunteer Corps of Nehalem Bay- for Neighborhood Emergency Supplies and Tools (NEST) boxes.
  • Fairview Grange- to upgrade the lighting and heating system at the grange.
  • Food Roots- for electric service to the new season-extension hoop house structures.
  • Friends of Pacific City State Airport- for the airport public restroom remodel project.
  • Garibaldi Firefighter Association- to update lighting in the Fire Department facility.
  • Garibaldi Maritime Museum- for new heat pump units.
  • Kiawanda Community Center- for the north meeting room storage project.
  • Latimer Quilt and Textile Center- to replace the repository facility heat pump.
  • Lower Nehalem Community Trust- to purchase two hoop houses.
  • Nehalem Bay Waste Water Agency- for the installation of emergency septic systems to be utilized in a disaster situation.
  • South Tillamook County Emergency Volunteer Corps- for community survival go-bags.
  • Tierra Del Mar Community Center- for the facility lighting modernization project.
  • Tillamook County Women’s Resource Center- for updated emergency shelter refrigeration units.

Tillamook PUD developed the Community Support Grant program nearly 18 years ago to assist local non-profit organizations in funding projects that promote economic growth in Tillamook County. When evaluating and selecting projects for funding, the Board focuses on enhancement of economic development and community livability.