Tillamook PUD Voltage Conversion Project

Posted: April 21, 2021 at 1:24 pm

Occurring soon in the North Tillamook County area.

Tillamook PUD crews will be working on an extensive system voltage conversion project in the north portion of the Tillamook PUD service territory. The project will begin May 18, 2021, and extend into mid-June of 2021.

The scope of work for the project will consist of converting system power line voltage from 20.8 kV to 24.9 kV. This voltage adjustment will improve the efficiency in which electricity is delivered to customers and minimize power loss. Additionally, the conversion project will align the voltage in the north service territory with voltage levels throughout the greater part of the TPUD system, which will help to provide alternate power feed options should an unexpected outage occur.

Project work locations will include the Nehalem to Manzanita areas and Tideland Road. To complete this necessary work, planned power outages will need to occur. Outages will be scheduled to take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays, customers will be notified in advance of a planned power outage at their specific location via a mailed postcard. Scheduled outage information will also be posted on the Tillamook PUD website at  www.tpud.org/outages/power-outages/.

During the project, customers will not experience multiple outages at their specific location, though the duration of each outage will vary depending on location. Tillamook PUD selected the months of May and early June for the project because system loading is traditionally minimal during this time, and the busy months of summer have not yet begun.

For questions or additional information please contact the Tillamook PUD office at 503-842-2535 or email [email protected]. Additional project information can also be found at www.tpud.org/tillamook-pud-north-tillamook-county-voltage-conversion-project/.