February 25, 2023 Outages

Posted: February 25, 2023 at 6:44 am

All areas have been restored as of 6:00 p.m.


Restored Areas:

Meda Loop Area- Restored

Evergreen DR- portion of area- Restored

Old Condor Bridge RD- Restored

Upper Nestucca area- Restored

Brooten RD- Restored

HWY 22 Area- Restored

Little Nestucca River RD- Restored

Blanchard RD- Restored

Eldeman Way- Restored

East Beaver Creek- Restored

Mill RD- Restored

Mt. Hebo Area- Restored

Bunn Creek RD- Restored

Farmer Creek-Restored

Gist Rd-Restored

Sutton Cr Rd-Restored

Blaine area- Restored

South Prairie Rd-Restored

Sandlake Rd-Restored

Parkway Rd- Restored

Old Woods Rd-Restored

Pike Rd-Restored

Westwood & Northwood Sollie-Restored

Estuary Ln-Restored

Ellen Ave-Restored

Tierra Del Mar area-Restored

Camp Magruder area-Restored

Misty DR- Restored

Campground RD- Restored

Yellow Fir Area- Restored

Whiskey Creek RD area- Restored

Bewley Creek Road- Restored

Fawcett CR RD- Restored

Brickyard RD- Restored

Burbank RD- Restored

Magnolia RD- Restored

Bewley Creek Road- Restored

Tillamook River Road area- Restored

Hodgdon RD- Restored

HWY 53 area- Restored


This page will be updated as soon as additional information is available.