Meet the Board of Directors

Tamra Perman – Subdivision #1

Director Perman was appointed to serve on the Board beginning January 1, 2024, representing Subdivision #1. Director Perman has a variety of skills and unique insights from her professional and educational experience. She previously worked for Frito Lay North America and with the Tillamook County Creamery Association. Currently, Director Perman and her husband Todd own and operate JAndy Oyster Co. Additionally, she enjoys serving on the Tillamook Bay Community College Board of Directors.

David Burt – Subdivision #2

Director Burt was elected to serve on the board beginning January 1, 2019, representing Subdivision #2. Director Burt is a fourth generation resident of Tillamook County and has served the community in a variety of capacities while volunteering and working. Director Burt owns and operates South Prairie Store and South Bound Storage in Tillamook.

Harry Hewitt – Subdivision #3

Harry Hewitt

Director Hewitt began his first term on the Tillamook PUD Board of Directors in 1997, representing Subdivision #3. He retired from teaching government and economics at Tillamook High School, and was the first teacher intern at Tillamook PUD in the summer of 1996.

Valerie Folkema – Subdivision #4

Director Folkema was appointed to the board in October of 2021 to represent Subdivision #4. Director Folkema is highly engaged in the community. She is a local small business owner, a Commissioner of the Port of Garibaldi, and a former Director of the Economic Development Council.

Barbara Trout – Subdivision #5

Barbara Trout

Director Trout was elected to represent Subdivision #5, north Tillamook County, in 1997. She was a well-known radio news director for many years at KTIL radio and is the second member of her family to serve on the Tillamook PUD board.


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