Tillamook Intergovernmental Development Entity (TIDE)


TIDE will evaluate and enable alternative forms of responsible energy derived from the ocean.


Goal 1:
Assure the protection of ocean resources for future generations.

Goal 2: 
Assure that Tillamook County citizens have a role and an opportunity to provide input regarding the development of ocean energy off our coastline. 

Goal 3:
Provide leadership for the responsible development of ocean-derived energy. 

Goal 4:

Competitively procure proposals from developers of energy from the ocean.

Goal 5:
Provide controls for developing ocean energy for the betterment of the citizens of Tillamook County, the state and the nation. 

Goal 6:
Gather from the communities of Tillamook County a framework for the development of ocean energy. 

Goal 7:
Secure partnerships of public agencies and private entities for the responsible development of ocean energy. 

Goal 8:

Provide a stewardship role in the development of coastal energy resources. Do not let short-term monetary gains overlook the long-term effects on the ocean environment.

Ocean Energy Project RFP Documents

Principle Power Inc. Proposal

WaveEnergy Geophysical Study

Final Report

WaveEnergy Wave Climate Study

Executive Summary

Final Report