Beware of Phone Scams!

Tillamook PUD has received recent reports of phone scams occurring in our service area, directed towards our local utility customers. Phone scam callers attempt to convince their targets to provide personal debit and credit card information, stating there is a past due balance and power will be disconnected unless an immediate payment is made. If the scammer obtains this information, they can ring up enormous debt in the victim’s name.

Tillamook PUD cautions you to be careful with any phone call that seems suspicious. Never give personal information without knowing who you are speaking to. If a caller claims to be a Tillamook PUD representative and you have any doubt, hang up and call us immediately at 503.842.2535 or 800.422.2535, during regular business hours, or call our after-hours emergency line at 503.842.2212 or 800.842.2122.    

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