Commercial Service


Applicable to commercial and other customers for service not covered under other schedules.

Special Conditions

Motors having a rated capacity in excess of ten (10) horsepower must be three-phase.

Type of Service

Single-phase and three-phase where available, sixty Hertz at secondary voltages as available within the District.

Applicable to General Service customers not covered under other schedules.

Monthly Rates

Basic Charge, Single-Phase: $30.45 per month
Basic Charge, Three-Phase: $50.40 per month

Energy Charge

First 12,000 kWh $0.0746 per kWh
All kWh over 12,000 $0.0531 per kWh

Demand Charge

First 30 kW of billing demand per month No charge
For all kW in excess of 30 kW of billing demand per month $4.83 per kW

Determination of Billing Demand

The billing demand shall be the maximum thirty-minute demand for the month for which the bill is rendered, after adjustment for power factor.

Seasonal Service

Separately metered irrigation or drainage pumping loads served under this schedule which: 1) are of no greater than fifty (50) horsepower; and 2) where service is discontinued on a regular basis for five (5) months or longer each calendar year, shall be billed an annual basic charge equal to six (6) months of basic charges as provided for in monthly rates, above. This annual charge will not be pro-rated if less than six months. Meters shall be read and energy billings rendered annually.

Power Factor

The customer agrees to maintain unity power factor as nearly as practicable. Should measurement indicate that the average power factor is less than 95%, the demand for billing purposes shall be increased by one percent (1%) for each percentage point or major fraction thereof by which the average power factor is below 95%. The average power factor shall be determined by measurement of kilowatt hours and reactive kilovolt-ampere hours during the billing period using the following formula:

PF = kWh ÷ √(kWh)² + (kvarh)²

Where PF =  Average Power Factor
Where kWh = Kilowatt hours
Where kvarh = Reactive Kilovolt-ampere hours

Delivery Point

The above rates are based upon the supply of service to the entire premises through a single delivery point, and at a single voltage and phase.  Separate supply for the same customer at other points of consumption or at a different voltage or phase, shall be separately metered and billed.

Terms of Payment

Charges for services under this schedule are due and payable fifteen (15) days after the invoice date.

Rules and Policies

Service under this schedule is subject to the ordinances, rules and policies of the District. The District reserves the right to require installation of load limiting and/or other control devices whenever, in its judgment, they are necessary to prevent injury to its system or undesirable peak load conditions.

Effective 5/1/19