Evergreen/Arcadia Wind Energy Scam

Recently, some of our customers have been contacted about the “opportunity” to buy wind energy from Arcadia Power through a program called Evergreen. Customers are asked to create an account by providing their local utility information.  The company infers that Tillamook People’s Utility District participates in this program, but this is not the case.

Tillamook PUD is in no way affiliated with Arcadia Power or Evergreen Wind, nor do we endorse these companies or this program.

If you have any questions about this, or are contacted by Arcadia or Evergreen, please give us a call. We are happy to help clear the air about this “offer”. 

If you are interested in the concept of green energy, we are happy to share information about Tillamook PUD’s local green power program.

Give us a call at (503) 842-2535.


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