Beaver Substation Rebuild

Beaver Substation Prior to Construction


In April of 2018, crews began work on the Beaver substation rebuild project. 

The Beaver substation, located in south Tillamook County, is over 70 years old and well beyond its operational life expectancy. The rebuild project was prompted upon recent test results indicating signs of power transformer failure. The project scope of work includes replacing the power transformers and control building with modern equipment.

The substation rebuild project will result in several benefits to our electrical system operation. Recent low voltage issues in this area will be resolved by increasing the power line voltage from 12,470 volts to 24,940 volts. In addition, the modernized equipment at the substation will not only help to provide increased reliable electricity to the Beaver and Blaine areas, but it will also serve as an important alternate power source for the Hebo and Trask service territories.

The anticipated month of project completion is September of 2018. 



Beaver Substation Under Construction


November 2018 Update

The project to rebuild the Beaver Substation has been completed and the substation is now fully operational. Below is a photo of the completed work at the Beaver Substation. 

Completed Beaver Substation After Rebuilding Project