Nestucca Substation Transformer

May 2018

As you may recall, last year during the month of February, a power transformer at the Nestucca substation was damaged due to a lightning strike event. After much review and investigation, it was determined that the transformer was damaged beyond repair and would need to be replaced.

Replacing a power transformer is no simple task. Months of planning, a long lead time for the transformer procurement process, and system preparation work were all factors in the replacement work that took significant time and careful consideration. The power transformer arrived at the Nestucca substation at end of April 2018, it has been installed and is now back in service. (see pictures below)

Engineering Manager KC Fagen, and Lead Journeyman Meter & Relay Technician, Glenn Johnston, prepare transformer


Replacement Power Transformer at the Nestucca Substation
Replacement Power Transformer at the Nestucca Substation