Power Friendly Trees

Think Power Friendly When Planting Trees

Trees beautify homes and property, but care should be taken when planting trees near power lines. Each year, power outages are caused by storms that bring trees or limbs down on lines. You can help minimize outages by taking a “power friendly” approach in landscaping your property.


Power Friendly Tree Examples

Golden Montmorency Cherry Prunus cerasus  8′ – 15′
Royal Purple Smoke bush  Cotinus coggygria  12′ – 15′
Tatarian Maple Acer tataricum 15′ – 20′
Amur Maple   Acer ginnala 16′ – 20′
Kousa Dogwood  Cornus florida  20′ – 25′
Golden Chain Tree  Laburnum anagyroides  20’ – 25’
Japanese Snowbell Tree  Styrax japonicas          20’ – 25’
Chinese Plum Yew  Cephalotaxus fortune      25 – 30′


The Clear Zone for Underground Facilities

It is necessary for our employees to quickly locate these facilities and have sufficient space to perform work. Do not place objects, plants, shrubbery or trees in the “Clear Zone.” The District’s standard for clear zones regarding pad-mounted equipment is 10 feet from any part of the equipment that opens and 3 feet from non-opening parts of the equipment.

 Power Friendly distances.jpeg