Light Service


Available to all customers for dusk to dawn outdoor area lighting not served under street lighting contract.  Service under this schedule is also available for television amplifiers for cable systems, and other flat rate services.

Special Conditions

The installation of facilities to serve area lights or Flat Rate services shall be done according to the District’s Line Extension Policy.

The maintenance, including lamp replacement, will be done on request, during the normal workweek, at no additional charge to the consumers.

The District and the customer shall execute an agreement for service under this schedule for a period of not less than one year.  Service after termination of the agreement shall be continued on a month-to-month basis, but may be canceled by written notice by either party at least thirty (30) days before termination.

Type of Service

Single-phase, sixty Hertz at available secondary voltage.


Area Lights
Standard output per light per month                 $9.00
High output per light per month                        $12.00

Street Lights
High Output per light per month                       $18.00

Special Equipment (signs, etc)

Flat Rate Services

Fixed Monthly Rates                                         $ .11 per kWh

Special Poles                                                    $1.00 per month

SPECIAL RATE FOR LIGHTS CONNECTED BEHIND CUSTOMER’S METER (subject to Engineering Department discretion)

Area Lighting Service
Flat rate prices below are to be charged when customer furnishes the power for the lighting service (connections behind the meter):

Area Lights
Standard output per light per month               $8.00
High output per light per month                      $9.00

Street Lights
High output per light per month                      $15.00

Special Poles                                                 $1.00 per month

Minimum Charge

The minimum charge for area lights under this schedule shall be the monthly charge.  For Flat Rate Service, the minimum shall be $7.60 per month.

Delivery Point

The lights will normally be electrically connected so that the power for operation does not pass through the meter for other services to the consumer.

Terms of Payment

Charges for service under this schedule are due and payable fifteen (15) days after the invoice date.

Rules and Policies

Service under this schedule is subject to the rules and policies of the District.