Tillamook PUD Contractors Perform Inspection and Treatment of Wood Power Poles

Tillamook PUD has contracted with National Wood Treating Company to perform the inspection and treatment of 2,200 wood power poles on the District’s system. This program enhances public safety and reduces long-term operating costs and unanticipated power outages.

Occasionally it may be necessary for the contractor to cross private property to get to poles located in the District’s easements and rights-of-way.

Each pole will be visually inspected, sounded with a hammer, and holes will be bored to determine if the pole is decayed. Some poles may need to be replaced; all other poles will be treated.

To treat a pole, holes are bored and filled with fumigants which are registered with the Environmental Protection Agency. The holes are then plugged with a wooden dowel. National Wood Treating Company employees are licensed by the Oregon Department of Agriculture for the commercial application of pesticides.

Inspection activities are expected to begin in mid June 2017 and continue for approximately six months. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact Tillamook PUD at (503) 842-2535.


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