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Tillamook PUD is committed to providing our customers with safe, reliable and competitively priced electricity. We believe that clean, sustainable energy, is a key factor in providing the highest-quality electricity to our customers and community.

What is Local Green Power and Why is it Important?

The Green Power Program at Tillamook PUD works together with our customers and community to support our local digester generation facilities. These facilities produce clean electricity using state of the art technology. When you support the Green Power program at Tillamook PUD, you are supporting our environment by reducing methane gasses released into the air and improving water quality by decreasing the volume of waste deposited on fields. You are also boosting our local economy by providing a resource for business, such as farms and restaurants, to dispose of waste in an efficient manner and creating a useful product, electricity. Our community also gets the added benefit of access to local power generation that could be utilized in a potential disaster situation.

Business & Community Partners on the Green Team

Several businesses and community organizations have joined the Tillamook PUD Green Team to support clean renewable energy generated by our local digesters. Some of our Green Power business and community partners include


How Can I Get Involved in the Green Power Program?

Tillamook PUD customers have the option to select a set percentage of their monthly kWh usage that they would like to be green. Customers can choose to have 10%, 25%, 50% or 100% of their total monthly kWh usage be green. At 100% green power, you would pay 2 cents per kWh per month in addition to your regular monthly kWh charge, 50% would be an additional 1 cent per kWh, 25% would be an additional .5 cents, and 10% would be an additional .2 cents. The total green power contribution amount per month is a separate line item reflected in your regular PUD monthly billing statement.

Find out what your monthly contribution would be using the green power calculator below!

Green Power Calculator

Enter your monthly or annual kWh usage to see what your total Green Power cost would be at each percentage level.

For 100% green power, your additional cost per kWh would be 2 cents, at 50% it would be 1 cent, at 25% it would be 0.5 cents and at 10% it would be 0.2 cents.


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Renewable Energy Certificate (REC)

A Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) represents all Renewable and Environmental Attributes of electricity generated from a certified renewable energy generating unit, such as a digester. One REC is equivalent to one megawatt hour (MWh) of electricity. Renewable and Environmental Attributes are comprised of any and all credits, benefits, emissions reductions, offsets, and allowances attributed to the generation from a certified generating unit. RECs provide a mechanism to track renewable energy generated, and then added and taken from the electrical grid.