Monday, January 15, 2024 Outage Update

Posted: January 15, 2024 at 5:15 pm

Monday, January 15, 2024 Outage Update
5:11 p.m.

All crews will take a brief rest break at 10 p.m. tonight (1/15/24) and will resume work tomorrow morning (1/16/24) at 6 a.m.

There are currently 86 customers without power. Crews are working to restore power to the below areas, however, some areas listed below could be without power overnight.

North Tillamook County:

HWY 53, Nehalem- 2 customers

Tideland Road, Tohl Ranch RD, and McKimens RD, Nehalem- 38 customers

HWY 101 N, Nehalem- 1 customer

Upper portion of Foss Road, Nehalem- 5 customers

Lommen RD, Nehalem- 2 customers

South Tillamook County:

Winema and Oceanview DR, Neskowin- 3 customers

Sunbow DR, Neskowin- 13 customers

Corvallis Ave, Neskowin- 4 customers

East ST, Virgil ST, Woods- 7 customers

Shade ST, Pacific City- 4

HWY 101 S, Neskowin- 1 customer

A status update of the areas remaining will be posted at 10 p.m. tonight (1/15/24).


Areas Restored: 

Restored- Bewley CR RD, Tillamook- 1 customer

Restored- Hallstrom RD, Tillamook- 1 customer

Restored- 3rd ST, Tillamook- 2 customers

Restored- 5th ST Loop, Netarts- 2 customers

Restored- Sandlake RD north of Sitka Sedge- 70 customers

Restored Sandlake Road from Tierra Del Mar to Sitka Sedge area, Cloverdale- 259 customers