Tillamook PUD Solar Project

Did you know Tillamook PUD has a 6-kilowatt solar photovoltaic system located just outside our office? That’s right, in 2012 Tillamook PUD embarked on an exciting energy project- solar power! We designed and constructed a system comprised of all Oregon-made products. The SolarWorld PV modules were made in Hillsboro, the PV Powered DC-AC power inverter was manufactured in La Pine, and the SunStorage parking shelter was fabricated in Enterprise.

Sun and solar panel Tilamook Public PowerOur solar power system is utilized as an educational resource for the public. Residential and business customers can view the system to get an idea first hand of the special set up requirements as well as the visual effects of the system. In addition, students are able to tour the system, learn how it operates, and then collect data from the system to further their understanding. Through the energy monitoring services provided by the Solar 4R Schools program, students can obtain live performance data from the Tillamook PUD PV system using the Energy Exploration Center at Solar4RSchools. Students and educators nationwide use this system to chart, graph and analyze solar systems performance data for educational purposes.

Want to check our solar power system out? Take a look at the current and past performance of the Tillamook PUD solar power system.