North Tillamook County Voltage Conversion Project

Welcome to the North Tillamook County Voltage Conversion Project information page! Listed below is some additional details about the North Tillamook County Voltage Conversion project that will begin May 18, 2021.

What is the voltage conversion project scope of work and process? 

Journeyman Lineman AJ Dooher changing a tap changer and re-fusing a transformer during a voltage conversion project in the South Tillamook County area.

The scope of work for the project will consist of converting system power line voltage from 20.8 kV to 24.9 kV. To convert system voltage, Tillamook PUD must first de-energize the section of the system that is being worked on for conversion. This will consist of a planned power outage for customers in that specific area. A Tillamook PUD Lineman will then we go to every transformer in the area to set and re-fuse it for the new voltage. Once this has been completed for every transformer, Tillamook PUD will re-energize the system with the new voltage.

Why is this project work important to complete? 

Voltage adjustment in this area will help to improve the efficiency in which electricity is delivered to our North Tillamook County customers and minimize power loss. Additionally, the conversion project will align the voltage in the north county service territory with voltage levels throughout the greater part of the TPUD system, which will help to provide alternate power feed options should an unexpected outage occur.

What locations will be affected? 

Project work locations will include the Nehalem to Manzanita areas and Tideland Road.

The below map indicates the locations and dates when project work will occur.

To view the map full screen select the following link:

Full Screen Map View

When will the project begin and when will planned power outages occur?

The project is scheduled to begin on May 18, 2021 and will continue through mid-June 2021. Power outages will be scheduled to occur on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Customers will be notified in advance of a planned power outage at their specific location via a mailed postcard. Scheduled outage information is also posted on the Tillamook PUD website at

How can I obtain more information? 

For questions and additional information, contact the Tillamook PUD office at 503-842-2535 or email [email protected].